How To Crack CAT 2023 In First Attempt Best Strategy & Tips

How To Crack CAT 2022 In First Attempt Best Strategy & Tips

How To Crack CAT 2023 In First Attempt Best Strategy & Tips Latest

Studying online has become a fad, to the point where it seems to be gradually replacing the traditional way of studying. But it has its pros and cons, and by being aware of these pros and cons, the CAT student will be better able to direct his preparations to suit his requirements, which differ from one student to another. For example, most of the aspirants want to have video solutions for every concept and question but I have come across students who feel that the video solutions lead to a huge loss of time. Thus what is good for many may not be good for some. However, there are some things they all have in common.

The Common Admission Test, abbreviated as CAT, is the leading admission test in India. It is not only the best but also the most difficult to hack. Apart from an outstanding academic record, you must be a jack of all trades in terms of academics, personal and professional to gain admission into the prestigious IIMs or any other B-School in India. Every year, IIM administers this exam and receives a large number of applications for a few hundred seats in the best business schools in India. Preparing for and competing in CAT is a rewarding experience for everyone. In the long run, it will improve your public persona and acquire the necessary trading capabilities, turning you into a professional.

How To Crack CAT 2023 In First Attempt Best Strategy & Tips Latest

How To Crack CAT 2023 In First

But what is the point of the CAT exam? What are its advantages and disadvantages? If you have any questions, continue reading this article and you will get answers to all of them. Both experts and CAT experts stress the importance of effective planning, practice, and tried-and-tested question accuracy in their navigation tips. Accordingly, eight major strategies have been provided which are mentioned below related to “How to Hack CAT 2023?” They are all interrelated and intended to have a cumulative effect if followed closely.CAT 2023 is a dream come true for many MBA aspirants.

Many spend years trying to hack CAT while navigating their professional and personal lives. But this need not be the case. You can easily crack the CAT on the same first try, and keep track of what is needed to get the final prize.  CAT 2022 is just around the corner and CAT aspirants must be on the verge of completing their CAT preparation. Many candidates may be repeat while there are many who will take CAT CAT 2023 for the first time. As a first timer, you may be wondering how to pass the CAT exam on the first try? Well, it is absolutely possible with the right strategy and tips on how to benefit from your CAT preparation on CAT Exam Day 2023.

How To Crack CAT 2023 In First Attempt Best Strategy & Tips Latest


Time management

According to CAT experts, the rule of thumb for candidates to follow is – they should put in about three hours a day. Initially, candidates should start with their sections relatively slowly. Candidates should practice more LR combinations starting with the basics. Ideally, all CAT 2022 candidates should start from the drawing board stage to understand the basics of all sections. The goal should be to allow flexibility within two hours to cover all weak areas in the three sections initially. Since candidates are close to CAT 2022, they should increase their training hours to 5 or 6 hours.

Speed and accuracy

Since the CAT Admission Test has a sectional time limit as per CAT 2022 test pattern, candidates need to maintain their speed while trying to ask questions. Moreover, no. From the exact answers that I tried to calculate. One mark will be deducted for each incorrect/incorrect answer, while four marks will be added to the total marks scored for correct/incorrect answers. Hence, candidates while preparing for CAT 2022 should focus on improving their reading and comprehension skills, especially for the VARC section because the questions themselves are long and time-consuming. Make sure you have enough time to read and answer the known questions.

Choose the right set of questions

Candidates’ focus should not be on solving all the questions, but candidates should focus on the level of accuracy. Hence, candidates are expected to prioritize the question set based on strengths and weaknesses. Invest the time to start solving questions you are sure of. Avoid guessing in MCQ questions. TITA questions can be attempted with little guesswork but candidates should make sure they have enough time for other questions as well. Performance, as well as success in CAT 2022, will depend greatly on the level of preparation of the candidates as well as control.

Speed ​​is very important to achieve mastery of CAT 2022. Hence, while preparing for CAT candidates, the focus should be placed on managing their speed along with accuracy. Candidates need to prepare with techniques to complete the exam on time.

Number of attempts

With a special reference to the questions to try for each department in CAT 2022, Gautam Puri, Career Launcher vice president, says the net score required to score at 99 percent and above depends on the number. Of the questions, one tries. The following table displays no. One of the attempts to get good marks in CAT 2022 according to experts.

Department of wise strategy

Taking into account the previous course of CAT question papers, there are three sections in the CAT Entrance Examination. For Quantitative Ability: Candidates in this section focus on building the basics of mathematics. Topics such as profit and loss, geometry, and the number system as these topics are frequently asked, and CAT 2022 topics may constitute key questions

Verbal ability and reading comprehension: The candidates must be inculcated in the habit of reading. Reading anything be it blogs, newspapers, articles, or magazines to enhance skills will be beneficial for the CAT 2022 VARC section. Try to devote 1 hour per day to this section just for reading purposes and focus on improving vocabulary. Solve comprehension, inferences, and syllables will be helpful

For logical reasoning and data interpretation: Learn the basics like seating arrangements, syllogisms, blood relations, and such topics to get a good hang of it in this section. The use of a calculator for difficult questions may be useful as IIMs provide these facilities

Join study groups online

Due to advances in technology, candidates nowadays have the option of joining online study groups. Nowadays, popular social media groups are popping up, trending, and giving relevant advice on hacking CAT tests and other management exams. CAT 2019’s Ronit Banerja Tauber told in one interview with Careers360 that he joined the training institute and started preparing it with study materials to learn new and brief techniques for solving questions.


In general, CAT has a medium level of difficulty, but it can get easy sometimes for those who start preparing early and keep practicing all three sections. If planned well, you can easily break a CAT!

It only tests 10th-class math and logical skills. It also tries to assess managerial ability, i.e. decision-making skills, working under pressure, and time management. After all, everyone who takes the CAT exam is a future manager.

Once you try CAT, you may already feel that the MOcks I made were much more difficult than the actual CAT! In the end, it’s all in your mind, just keep practicing and don’t give up and do your best in learning concepts and basics, keep your mind cool and calm while writing the exam

Key to clearing CAT 2022 on the first try is a good command of key concepts and an impeccable speed in solving questions. The CAT test is a timed entry exam that has a limited time to answer questions. So all the candidate can do at this time is to focus on finding a strategy to answer quickly and reduce errors in the answer.




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How To Crack CAT 2023 In First Attempt Best Strategy & Tips

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