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DJay Pro

DJay Pro 4.1.1 Crack Plus Activation Key Latest Version Download 2023

Djay Pro for PC provides a complete toolkit for performing DJs of all skill levels. Designed specifically for Windows 10, djay Pro seamlessly integrates with your music library, giving you instant access to millions of tracks. Original sound quality and a powerful suite of features including high-definition waveforms, four decks, sound effects, and hardware integration give you the endless creative flexibility to take your collections to new heights. At its core, djay Pro is the award-winning modern DJ software interface that offers flexible layers of functionality along with a powerful music library. Easily switch between 2 decks, 4 decks, sampling, and expanded library layouts to perfectly match your preferred mixing style. The app was built from the ground up as a native Windows 10 app using the Universal Windows Platform (UWP).

By taking advantage of this modern foundation, you will be able to install the application through the Windows Store in a single click, without the need for any additional setup. The deep integration of djay Pro with the Windows platform provides an immersive experience with low-latency audio, smooth graphics, and support for plug-and-play devices. Djay Pro for Windows combines the best of both worlds, desktop, and touch. Specifically taking advantage of the unique capabilities of the Microsoft Surface suite and modern Windows PCs, the app seamlessly utilizes all available input, mouse, touch, stylus, MIDI controllers, and the new Surface Dial to give the best possible control over all the features of djay Pro. It takes full advantage of Surface Studio with its beautiful PixelSense display and is the first app to support Surface Dial integration with a location in mind.

DJay Pro 4.1.1 Crack Plus Product Key  Version Download 2023

DJay Pro

With the Surface Dial, users can browse their music library, scratch, rub, loop, and finely adjust knobs and filters on the screen and for each surface individually, providing a first-of-its-kind interaction model for a DJ. And less on the abundance of machines and tools. All this is because of advances in technology, which now combines performance and flexibility in computer applications. For example, a day for Windows 10 is the software that is used to perform live audio performances anywhere. When it comes to visual design, the app offers its features in a cool and modern interface, making you feel like you’re actually behind a set of DJ decks. Most of the buttons you press trigger elegant animations, while the majority of the objects are filled with high-quality textures. Almost all buttons and buttons move gracefully when interacting.

Setting up your audio devices is an important configuration step, with the ability to switch to Exclusive mode, suitable for using audio input from external audio devices and MIDI controllers, especially to improve latency. In addition, you can choose to split the output. However, audio input can come from a variety of sources. You can create a playlist with files on your computer, which can be in a variety of formats. They are easily added to the queue for autoplay, but the drag-and-drop operation can also be used to include them in groups of interest. The app has collaborated with Spotify players to deliver an immersive experience. Signing in with your Spotify account gives collection to use on your jam sessions. In addition, you can use all your items in your iTunes library.

DJay Pro 4.1.1 Crack Plus Activation Key Download 2023

Algoriddim has been making DJ apps for Mac and iOS for some time and djay Pro is its latest version for OS X 10.9 and above. It shares a common look with its iOS siblings, although you might expect it to have more functionality since it’s a full Mac app. djay Pro can stream music directly from Spotify with advanced integration and also from your iTunes library. Still, any iTunes Match tracks must be downloaded first, as always. You can drag and drop music files from anywhere on your Mac as well, and the Automix feature identifies tracks that the app thinks will look good together. I found the horizontal waveform display to be the most useful because it’s what I’m used to, but you can choose which one suits you best.

DJay Pro


  • Djay Pro’s auto-mix feature allows you to add songs to your playlist to play them automatically in sequence, with transitions you’ve preset. Djay lets you choose Standard, Backspin, Echo, Brake, Reverse, and Random transitions. You can also create up to eight cue points per track. This allows you to quickly clip to spots in the path.
  • You also get a standard set of effects – flanger, echo, and for a $9.99 in-app purchase you can add advanced Sugar Bytes effects, such as Modulate, Warp, and Slice.

Multi-story library and rich effects:

  • All import options can be used together for a wider range of audio files, sources, and effects. On the other hand, the app allows you to create playlists to use with the Automix feature, which is a way to automate your playing sessions and reduce your effort.
  • Up to four floors can be used simultaneously. In this regard, the application allows you to choose a comfortable display that can include vertical and horizontal wave displays, as well as track displays for better management of all floors. Each comes with its own set of controls for just the right tuning of your audio setting.
  • Playing means more than just playing a song at a normal pace. Interactive vinyl offers a near-realistic mixing experience, both in terms of visuals and creating effects. On top of that, there is an impressive array of built-in effects that can be tweaked to completely change the course and sound of the mixing session.
  • Powerful DJ Interface
  • Spotify integration
  • music library
  • Four mixing decks
  • waveforms
  • take samples
  • registration
  • Automix
  • Advanced DJ Tools
  • sound effects
  • sound processing
  • audio analysis
  • Hardware Integration
  • Designed for Windows 10


  • Surface Dial compatibility.
  • Key and beat matching.
  • Automatic mixing.
  • Compatible with popular DJ equipment.
  • Can be used with Spotify Premium song library.
  • Choose a hard filter effect.
  • Surface Dial compatibility.
  • Key and beat matching.
  • Automatic mixing.
  • Show more


  • More expensive than some of the competition.
  • There is no video component.
  • Surface Dial settings with the region in mind can be more customizable.
  • More expensive than some of the competition.
  • There is no video component.
  • Surface Dial settings with the region in mind can be more customizable.

What’s New?

  • NEW: Pre-analyze entire playlists in the TIDAL library (analyze BPM, key, tempo grid, waveforms)
  • Fixes and improvements


  • To sum it up, djay for Windows 10 is a complete solution to spice up any party without complex instruments and heavy audio machinery. It combines a cool style and interactive elements with a variety of sources for audio input, and an impressive range of effects so you have everything you need at your fingertips.




System Requirements:

  • 256 MB+ RAM
  • 5 GB of hard disk space
  • Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP SP3
  • RAM 256 MB
  • 1.5 Gb Of Hard Disk Space Needed
  • 1 GHz Processor

How to Install?

  • First of all download software and install it
  • After installing go to “settings” > “Troubleshooting”
  • Now open the download folder
  • Open the cracked zip file with the license key
  • Use these keys for activation
  • After this reboot system
  • Done.

DJay Pro 4.1.1 Crack Plus Activation Key  Download Latest 2023

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