How to Crack SBI PO 2022 In First Attempt Golden Tips & Tricks

How to Crack SBI PO 2022 In First Attempt Golden Tips & Tricks

How to Crack SBI PO 2022 In First Attempt Golden Tips & Tricks

How to Crack SBI PO on First Attempt: The State Bank of India will soon release the SBI PO Recruitment 2022 notification on its official website, Details of SBI vacancies will also be announced along with the notification. The selection process will go through 3 phases, Prelims, Mains, and interviews. Candidates are often confused and ask how to hack SBI PO on the first try.

The competition is relatively high with thousands of candidates appearing for the exam every year, and they need an expert strategy to prepare for SBI PO. If you are serious about exam preparation and are looking for 20 simple tips to pass bank exams on the first try, read this article at the end of the page. Here you will find 186 SBI PO survey tips. Read this article to learn how to hack SBI PO on the first try.

Expert strategy for SBI preparation: an overview

Before we get into the details of how to hack SBI PO on the first try, or tips and tricks to hack the IBPS PO test on the first try, let’s have a quick look at the test

How to hack PO SBI on the first try: Detailed study plan

Let’s have a look at the full study plan on how to study for break SBI PO 2022 on the first attempt:

  1. 20 Simple Tips to Break Bank Exams on the First Try: Check Exam Pattern

The first thing while preparing for this exam is to go through the entire SBI PO exam pattern. You should have a clear idea of ​​the sections, the number of questions in each section, the time duration, and the grading system for each stage of the SBI PO Prelims and Mains exam. This will be very helpful in your preparation.

PO 2022 for the SBI will be conducted in three phases. You can find details of each stage below:

  • SBI PO Prelims: The SBI PO Prelims program consists of three sections (English Language, Numerical Ability, and Reasoning Ability) of 20 minutes each. Each question carries one mark. Moreover, there is a deduction of 0.25 marks for each wrong answer.
  • SBI PO Mains: The Prelims stage is qualifying in nature. Candidates who have successfully cleared Prelims will appear for the SBI PO Mains Exam. This stage consists of two parts – objective and descriptive. The objective paper is 200 marks, while the descriptive paper will be 50 marks. The test mode for both sections is online.
  • Group Exercises/Interview Test: The shortlisted candidates will then be called for the final interview round. Group exercises and interviews separately constitute 20° and 30° respectively.

Be Meticulous with the Syllabus

The next thing to do is to see the latest and updated SBI syllabus for each section – Forewords and Key Topics. Remember, you have to prepare for SBI PO Prelims and Mains simultaneously. This is because, for example, certain sections are common to both Prelims and Mains, and the layout of these sections is more or less the same. However, the type of questions may be slightly different. So, you should keep this in mind and prepare accordingly. You can take advantage of this time as the examination dates have not yet been announced.

To start preparing, you must know the syllabus and the important topics.

  • Detailed curriculum:
  1. English reading comprehension, paragraph grouping/sentence rearrangement, locking test, sentence correction, error detection, volumes, vocabulary, paragraph completion, sentence connector, column matching
  2. Quantitative efficiency number series, simplification, approximation, quadratic equation/mathematical inequality, data interpretation, data adequacy, miscellaneous (profit and loss, percentage, time and work, the velocity of time and distance, ratio, partnership, etc.)
  3. Inference ability of order and high-level sitting puzzles, decoding, and encoding, inequality of encoding, syllogism, string (numeric, alphanumeric, symbolic), input and output, miscellaneous (sense of direction, blood relation, order, order, etc.), sufficient data Logical reasoning (inferences, assumptions, arguments, conclusions, course of action, cause and effect, etc.), computer efficiency
  • Public awareness of current affairs in the past nine months, imp. Banking awareness-related news in the past nine months, consistent awareness, SBI history, important banking terms

Practice with commitment

Each time you finish understanding a concept, solve their practice questions within the time allotted to solve the practice questions. Even if a particular concept is very easy, you need to practice it hard until you master the skill of application. Start with the easiest. Then move on to more difficult questions.

Develop reading and writing habits

Read English newspapers and books regularly. This is very important, especially for General Awareness, English, and Descriptive tests for SBI PO Exam. Pay more attention to social, economic, cultural, financial, and banking articles.

Take notes:

Note-taking helps memorize concepts, formulas, and abbreviation techniques. It also develops your thought process as a reaction and serves as a guide for last-minute review. It is also very time-saving. Taking notes saves you time to go back to study materials and read everything over again.

How to Crack SBI PO 2022 In First Attempt Golden Tips & Tricks

Attending training classes

When you have no idea about the exam, it is suggested to go to practice classes. At the training institute, there will be experienced specialists who will know very useful tricks for the bank exam.

Analysis and practice of previous year’s exam papers

Review the previous year’s SBI PO question papers and analyze the exam strategy followed throughout these years.

  1. a) Try these papers, check your score, analyze your situation and then start working on your performance.
  2. b) Sometimes, the aspirant believes that he has sufficient knowledge about a particular subject. But trying to ask questions within a strictly certain time frame is not very easy. It will come with regular practice.
  3. c) Therefore, training sheets help you to know and clear the list of topics you need to understand and clear the basics, increase speed and accuracy, and start from scratch.
  4. Take Mock Tests

Taking SBI PO Mock exams regularly, especially after the completion of the full syllabus, is extremely important.

  1. a) This will give you an idea of ​​the nature of the questions asked in the exam and then you can prepare accordingly.
  2. b) Also, you will get to know where you are and how much you will get in the actual exam. You can then work on and improve on the weak concepts. It is very important to analyze your paper after each test and identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  3. c) Mock exams also help to get used to the stress of taking the exam.
  4. Read the daily newspaper

Reading newspapers is an essential component of any banking and government exam preparation. Reading newspapers daily is an important part of preparing for the bank exam.

Improve your test-taking skills

Test-taking skills weigh the maximum and candidates cannot ignore this aspect of preparation. Even if your concepts are clear, you will not be able to turn your knowledge into marks unless you have a proper and effective strategy for taking the exam. Two of the most important aspects of the Smart Testing strategy are:

  1. a) time management
  2. b) choose a question

As you can see in the sample SBI PO exam, you have to answer 100 questions in 1 hour (60 minutes) in Prelims and 155 objective questions in 3 hours in Mains. Also, for each stage of the tests, the timing of the sections is determined separately. Therefore, you have to be as fast as Flash to clear this type of test. For this, you must master the skill to identify the right questions and then answer them at the right time.

How to Crack SBI PO 2022 In First Attempt Golden Tips & Tricks