TapinRadio Crack + Activation Number Download 2023

TapinRadio Crack + Activation Number Download 2022

TapinRadio Crack + Function Key Free Download 2023

TapinRadio is a simple online radio player for Windows PC. Listen to your favorite music and radio stations and record songs! This lightweight radio software is great for the visually impaired or anyone who wants a simple yet functional radio player. Perfect for anyone who wants to listen to streaming radio without a lot of fuss. TapinRadio, start tapping! Software that makes internet radio very easy. TapinRadio is a Windows tool that allows you to listen to your favorite online radio stations while providing advanced recording tools. Searchable radio station library. The first thing you will notice after the first launch of the program is the large selection of stations. Arranged by region, genre, and network, the long list of online radio stations can be enhanced with your entries.

While it also supports online updates to get the latest radio stations in one click, TapinRadio provides an advanced search tool to easily find the desired radio station. Moreover, there is a favorites list as well, so you can always save the stations you like to play later. Radio playback recording. TapinRadio works with the most popular web-based radio formats, including MP3, WMA, OGG, and AAC+, while offering you an advanced recording tool, no matter what station you’re listening to. The program can automatically record content and split it into songs, but it also includes features dedicated to recording a single song. The Settings screen is also available, so you should take a look there too if you want to group search results and favorites, mute the sound when you tap the tray, enable single-key shortcuts or allow multiple instances.

TapinRadio Crack With Function Key Free Download 2023

TapinRadio Crack + Activation Number Download 2022

A radio broadcaster worth trying. Another good thing about TapinRadio is that it remains light on hardware resources most of the time while working flawlessly regardless of the version of Windows installed on a particular workstation. In sum, TapinRadio is the best product, offering not only one of the largest collections of radio stations out there but also advanced recording tools and a straightforward interface, it offers a comprehensive directory of stations, categorized by location, genre, and network, as well as a search feature to find stations that match a keyword. You can review your listening history as well as set frequently used stations as favorites for quick access. Supports most Internet radio formats – mp3, WMA, Ogg, aac. Quick search. graphic equalizer. Scheduled recordings. Record what you’re searching for and the station list. Show your favorites in groups. alert feature. Sleep timer to shut down TapinRadio or even your computer!

Tapin Radio is an application where you can listen to and record thousands of radio stations around the world in this easy way. You will have at your disposal a huge amount of more than ten thousand different radio stations from every imaginable country: Japan or Cameroon even the Fiji Islands and of course Spain! Thanks to the search by location function, you will be able to find our favorite stations, and you will be able to search by genre as well (giving you more general results). Once you listen to a station, the only thing you will need to do to record is to click the record button. The file will be saved in the folder you want, as well as in the format you created in the settings (MP3, OGG, AAC, WMA).

TapinRadio Crack + Activation Number Download 2022


  • Lots of stations to choose from
  • Supports most internet radio formats – mp3, wma, ogg vorbis, aac + etc.
  • Fast and reliable search
  • Easy to switch between stations
  • Record what you’re listening to – including separate song files
  • Automatic check for software updates and radio stations
  • Show your favorites in groups
  • Scheduled recording is possible
  • Portable installation available (choose portable during installation)
  • Lots of stations to choose from
  • Supports most internet radio formats – mp3, wma, ogg vorbis, aac + etc.
  • Fast and reliable search
  • Easy to switch between stations
  • Record what you’re listening to – including separate song files
  • Automatic check for software updates and radio stations
  • Show your favorites in groups
  • A brand new radio station search tool that easily discovers a nearby radio station
  • Ensures minor upgrades free of cost regularly
  • Provides a valid license for all types of computers
  • Provides an extensive database of online stations
  • Makes programmed recording more likely to occur
  • Ensures portable and feasible installations


  • The setup wizard that helps you install TapinRadio will ask you to choose between a normal installation and a portable installation. The interface is simple, easy to navigate, customizable, and offers support for many languages. Access to a long and long list of online radio stations. Use the search box to find stations; Mark the people you like as favorites. TapinRadio can record online radio stations as well. There are a lot of settings to play with. TapinRadio is available as a free and paid pro version.


What’s New?


  •  The mute button on the taskbar failed to work
  • Screen reader support has stopped working for some users
  • TapinRadio 2.15.93 (32-bit)
  • Fixed: Favorites menu sometimes failed to start the station

Changed: Screen reader support improvements

  • TapinRadio 2.15.92 (32-bit)
  •  FIXED: Minor issues
  • TapinRadio 2.15.91 (32-bit)
  • Fixed: disable notifications not saved
  • TapinRadio 2.15.9 (32-bit)
  •  FIXED: Minor issues


  • TapinRadio for Windows PC is without a doubt the best MP3 and audio file that you can find at present. It is also the most reliable when it comes to performance and stability. You can find out for yourself. This is why a lot of PC users recommend this app.
  • Get a great and impressive experience with the TapinRadio app developed by Raimersoft. TapinRadio nowadays is getting better every time.
  • If you have some questions related to this app, feel free to leave your queries in the comments section. Or you can share your experience with us when using this TapinRadio on your Windows 10 PC. And if you know other people who would like to try TapinRadio for Windows PC, you can share this article to help them. Enjoy using TapinRadio for Windows PC.




System Requirements:

  • 256 MB+ RAM
  • 5 GB of hard disk space
  • Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP SP3
  • RAM 256 MB
  • 1.5 Gb Of Hard Disk Space Needed
  • 1 GHz Processor

How to Install?

  • First of all download software and install it
  • After installing go to “settings” > “Troubleshooting”
  • Now open the download folder
  • Open the cracked zip file with the license key
  • Use these keys for activation
  • After this reboot system
  • Done.

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