Testcomplete 15.45 crack Function key Latest Download 2023


Test complete 15.45 crack serial key Latest Download 2023

TestComplete features an open and flexible architecture that makes it easy, fast, and cost-effective to create, maintain and execute automated tests across desktop, web, and mobile applications. Automate anything you see on the user interface. Choose from over 50,000 object properties across more than 500 control types, including all major frameworks and third-party controls. Rely on TestComplete’s best-in-class object selection algorithm to build stable and scalable UI tests, and get real-time access to the latest devices, resolutions, browsers, and operating systems in the cloud lab. Run and report across thousands of test environments simultaneously. Combine automated testing with manual and visual testing in the cloud lab to improve coverage. Bypass simple recording and replay. Create advanced test scenarios quickly and easily without scripting. Simply drag setting up delays, or logging results. Choose from multiple programming languages ​​such as Python, JavaScript, or VB.

Run tests across physical or virtual machines. Or use the on-demand cloud lab to run tests across thousands of real devices. Integrate Test Complete with test automation frameworks or tools you already use, including Selenium, SoapUI, Visual Studio, HP Quality Center, QAComplete, Jira, TFS, Bugzilla, Jenkins, Git, and more. Software testing can be defined as a detailed investigation made to provide developers with information about the quality and performance of a particular product or service, while automated testing is the execution of software testing with little or no human interaction. When you run these automated tests, you can easily understand and estimate the risks of software implementation in your business, and this is where TestComplete comes in handy. SmartBear TestComplete is a comprehensive and reliable software solution whose main purpose is to help users regardless of whether they are built in C#.

Test complete 15.45 crack serial key Free Download 2023 Latest


With this automated testing tool, you can quickly create, maintain, and run stress and scalability tests for any desktop or client software. Since SmartBear TestComplete is mostly geared towards both functional tests and unit tests, it is useful for advanced and novice testers alike, providing them with an easy-to-use and functional interface. Moreover, this tool comes with support for daily regression tests or any other types like data-driven or object-driven tests, functional tests, GUI, etc. Speaking of the interface, the app comes with an organized set of panels, menus, and toolbars. It provides you with an easy way to access your projects, displays a list of bookmarks from all modules of your project group, modifies network group variables and parameters, notes the execution of distributed tests, and even analyzes the collection of function calls during test execution.

After you get used to the main window, you can easily name your items and then debug and run tests or handle errors or other operations during tests. SmartBear TestComplete provides you with two ways to manipulate processes, windows, and controls. The first way is to automatically assign names to your objects. The other way is to map application objects so that you can customize their names. Then, after setting the preferred parameters, you can run complex tests on your applications and run them on physical and virtual machines. With SmartBear TestComplete you can create tests of different types like keyword tests, unit tests, etc. You can also run automated tests for your HTML5 content, including tags, web forms, and CSS3-linked content, so you can check the quality of your scripts.



Automated user interface testing

  • Use the app’s script-free recording and replay feature to easily create automated UI tests. Record your tests once and run them again via…

via browser test

  • With TestComplete Web’s Cross Browser Test, you can easily record automated tests on one browser and automatically perform the same test on another browser…

Regression test

  • Increase efficiency by easily and quickly automating regression tests with software. Ensure current functionality for desktop and mobile…

GUI object recognition

  • Reduce test maintenance efforts by properly defining unique desktop, mobile, and web objects with the software’s sophisticated GUI object…

Free training and support

  • Ensuring your success with the program is our first priority. From the initial launch of the tool to the day-to-day support, the responsive team is…

Test reports and analysis

  • Get real-time information on the progress and status of your desktop, mobile or web UI tests from a single interface. Easily connect with others…

continuous integration

  • Share assets among your development and testing teams with ease. Quickly run tests your developers build in IDEs like Visual Studio…

HTML5 test automation

  • Write an automated testing script to test HTML/HTML5 web applications across all recent versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, deprecated…

Automation of functional tests

  • Create and run automated functional tests across a wide range of desktop, web, and mobile technologies without writing a single line of code. Uses…

Data-driven testing

  • Separate data from test orders to facilitate maintenance efforts. Run desktop, mobile, or web UI tests using different sets of input data in order to…

Keyword driven testing

  • Easily separate test steps, items, actions, and data with a compact, keyword-driven framework. Ensure that every team member can contribute to the test…

Parallel test

  • Execute desktop, mobile, and web tests in parallel across multiple physical and virtual devices with TestExecute. Get one main summary report…

Agile testing

  • Create robust tests that don’t break when the user interface changes. Accelerate feedback loops and empower your QA teams to collaborate with development…

Defect tracking and error correction

  • Debug functional UI tests using images, videos, and logs. Click & go test reports allow you to segment test results by the environment…

Plugins and add-ons

  • Create plug-ins or choose from pre-installed add-ons to extend the functionality of the application with little or no programming experience.

environment manager

  • Get real-time access to the latest devices, resolutions, browsers, and operating systems in Cloud Lab. Run and report across thousands of tests…

Convert functional tests into performance tests

  • Test Complete’s integration with LoadComplete lets you quickly and easily convert existing functional tests into performance tests. with just.


  • Low barrier to startup for less technical team members
  • Ease of automation and maintenance
  • Ease of creating new test cases
  • Wide compatibility across platforms
  • Wide range of supported languages
  • Support for a wide range of integrations
  • OCR text recognition
  • Many built-in actions
  • Tests can be extended via scripts, script extensions, and plug-ins
  • The detailed test report includes screenshots of all actions performed in the application


  • Name mapping may not always be stable and can lead to crashes
  • You may encounter problems when playing multiple monitors with different resolutions
  • A lot of copying and pasting may still be required
  • The documentation may be flawed or unclear in some ways
  • More technically savvy users may find the user interface difficult compared to the IDE
  • The image comparison feature may be unstable at times
  • Complaints about poor support for multi-user collaboration

What’s New?

Web testing improvements:

  • Firefox ESR versions support 102.2.X, 102.3.0, and 102.4.0.
  • Firefox version 106 support.

Bug fixes:

  • When using Jscript or JavaScript, users will no longer be able to put a breakpoint in their scripts on a line that contains only an opening parenthesis.
  • Mobile testing improvements:
  • Fixed an issue where TestComplete would not send the ‘BundleID’ capability when testing the iOS mobile app.
  • When a user selects a BitBar device located in a US data center, the Appium hub automatically changes to the relevant hub URL.
  • Performance improvements in the “Refreshing the Appium Tree” process for mobile apps (both Android and iOS) when using object spying to select objects, create checkpoints, etc.
  • Fixed an issue where OCR actions would miss target text in iOS apps.


  • If your team is evaluating whether to use TestComplete for your software projects, be sure to consider your team’s specific needs and other options available to you. When evaluating TestComplete, many teams also look at similar products such as testRigor, Mabel, Tricentis Tosca, and other similar platforms.




System Requirements:

  • 256 MB+ RAM
  • 5 GB of hard disk space
  • Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP SP3
  • RAM 256 MB
  • 1.5 Gb Of Hard Disk Space Needed
  • 1 GHz Processor

How to Install?

  • First of all download software and install it
  • After installing go to “settings” > “Troubleshooting”
  • Now open the download folder
  • Open the cracked zip file with the license key
  • Use these keys for activation
  • After this reboot system
  • Done.

Test complete 15.45 crack With serial key Latest Download 2023

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